Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Checkin' in

Hi everyone... just a quick post to check in.  I have been so crazy busy at the shop these past couple of weeks with Proms and such...  then add all the Grad Night  busy stuff on top of it, and it's been impossible to get to any crafting!   I just need to get through this next week, Mothers Day week and another Prom.....and then things will calm down some.... (Until Graduation weekend!  Then it's going to be Ca Ra Zeeeeeeee!!!! )

I don't think I've mentioned in my other posts that I own a small (but busy) flower shop and I have a Graduating Senior this year..... Again, can we say  Ca Ra Zeeeeeeeee !!!   But it will all be over soon (Graduation) and then I've heard that I might be sad that I have so much time on my hands......  ummmmmm... I'm Not buyin' it!!!  :)  At least not yet.  It's really hard to imagine that when you feel like you don't know whether you're coming or going half the time!  LOL

I was able to finish up a Springtime Wreath for my front door last weekend.  I think it still needs a little something, some color maybe... I can't decide.
It's still rainy and dreary here in the Pacific Northwest, so it will still feel "Springy" for a while :) and I think I'll be able to leave it up through most of May.
   Here is a picture of the front door with my super cute little Alder branch planter!  Don't you love it!!!  No, I didn't make this... but I sure would like to! They don't look too hard, but it's that "Time" thing again!
I bought this at the Flower Market in Portland Oregon last fall.  I've added different seasonal touches to it since fall and I just L~O~V~E it!   All that twiggy, mossy beauty :)

So bear with me... or stay with me.... :)  Until after Mothers Day/Prom week, and I Promise I'll be back with more crafting!

Have a great day!

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