Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Halloween Tree

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I am Sooooooo excited to share my little Halloween Tree!   I just love how cute it turned out! It's a little busy.... But I still love it!

I actually wanted to make one like this last year, but because of some time constraints and elusive supplies (clear glass ornaments~Glow in the dark glitter)  the one I ended up making was not NEARLY as cute as I'd planned.  Plus, I SCORED big time on this little tree at JoAnn's!  30% off already, plus another 20% off entire purchase coupon!  Yay Mee!!!!!   I wish it was a little taller... but I still love it!

 So, I started with my glitter ornaments.  You can find tutorials online for this, but if you have any questions I'd be glad to help.   
 They are really easy to make and they're so much prettier than the pictures show.  

I used my Cricut , black vinyl and the October 31st and Happy Hauntings Carts  (Love that spooky font.) to cut out the words and spiders.  I tried a few other little things like ghosts such, but they didn't want to form around the curve of the ornament very well so I just stuck with the words and spiders.  I think that's enough anyway, don't you?

Look how Stinkin Cute!!!  I just love them!  I think this little spooky green one is my favorite...

Or maybe these are my favorites .. Love them!

I used Martha Stewart glow in the dark glitter for the white ones.  Let me tell ya....I looked all over for this stuff last year and I could not find it ANYWHERE!  I don't live close to any major craft store chain, so I am always a step behind,  :(  Something good comes out and by the time I get to the store, it's always gone!   Anyway, I found it this year... so I bought 2! ~ I'm not gonna take THAT chance again...Phew!!
**  (Like I'm ever gonna need THAT much Glow in the Dark glitter??? ) ** 

Lovin the spooky little graveyard scene... whhhoooooooo 

Wonder what happened to that guy? 

Beware Of The Black widow!!!
Are you a little scared?

I copied the idea for using this tray from my friend Amy... HI AMY!!!  :)    (This girl is seriously creative and she NEEDS to have a blog so she can share her talents.  :)

So that's my Spooky little Halloween Tree.  If you have one, leave a comment with a link to your blog so we can see.  :) 

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chili with Cornmeal Pancakes

I had this interesting dinner idea come into my inbox from Betty Crocker.  I thought it sounded fun and easy and my guys LOVE Chili and Cornbread!! This afternoon was cool, overcast and very "Fall" feeling, so it was a perfect dinner choice.

I used my own chili recipe since I know that's what my family likes.  Nothing too fancy, Just 2 lbs extra lean ground beef (we raise our own beef) a large can of tomato sauce, 2 cans of Kidney Beans, and 2 Pkg's of
McCormics mild chili seasoning. Easy Peasy... but really good!

Then I got my trusty pancake griddle and my "Pancake ingredients"  and whipped up a batch of Cornmeal Pancakes.  :)
I thought the recipe for the batter seemed a little thin, so I added a bit more bisquick to thicken it up.

Here we go...... Looks like a pancake alright. 

Give em a flip~  Lookin good! 

Topped with  Chili~ added a little Sour Cream, Extra Cheese... Wa~La! Chili over Cornmeal Pancakes!

I think it turned out wonderful. My guys really loved it and said they'd DEFINITELY like this again.

I love finding new dinner ideas that don't take a lot of time, are wholesome and filling, and taste this good!

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Kim :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I love Fall!

I do love Fall.  Fall is my absolute favorite time of year.  I love the feel of the air, watching the leaves change, the sounds of the Crows ( I think I just notice them more this time of year)  the sounds of the Blue Jays as they squawk at each other fighting over the hazelnuts, the feeling of "Nesting" that comes over me as I prepare my home for the winter months....canning, storing....and of course DECORATING!  This is the time of year when you get to gussy up your house with all the cozy colors of fall for 3 whole months... and then move right on to Christmas decor... love love love the decorating :)

When we built our house 13 years ago ,  (I know, right!  I can't believe it's been 13 years ago, already!), believe it or not, our search for the perfect house plan began with the porch.   I HAD to have a house plan with a big front  porch.  Why???  So I could decorate it, of course :)   I'd always LOVED old farmhouses with big front porches... there's that nostalgic feeling again :)

I spent this week dragging out the totes of fall decor and decorating my little heart out :)   Here is my front porch all gussied up for Fall.   I think I'll save the Halloween decor for a bit and just enjoy the "fallish" feel before I add the spooky stuff.  :)

THIS is one of my most favorite Fall pieces.  I bought one of these at a craft fair in Sisters, Oregon about 10 years ago.  It was one of those things that I looked at and said... "Ohhhh, I can make that"... and off I went.. but as I thought about it over the course of the day, I knew how often I said that and never got around to it, so I went back and bought it.  I've never regretted it!   I love it so much!   I hang it out in September, replace it mid October with Halloween, and then put it back out for November. I never tire of it.  :)   I've since made a few more for friends and they are equally in love :)

This little guy, I did make :)   I painted MANY of these for friends and family several years ago.  It's just a regular ol' terra cotta pot turned upside down and painted with acrylics.  The face was from a pattern in one of my tole painting books but I think it would be easy to draw your own.   Add a straw hat, some raffia for hair and ~Walla~  you have a cute little scarecrow guy.  I love his sweet little face. 

I love the way he looks hanging in the opening of my "barn door , above the "planter box"  filled with all kinds of fun fall foliage and sunflowers and a pumkin :)

And here is a full view of my "Barn Door" all decorated up for Fall.  I am so loving this door by my door!  LOL 

More beautiful, sparkly fall foliage in a metal pocket I got on clearance at Michaels last year. 

And finally, my "Twiggy Planter" full of pumpkins and leaves.  Another favorite treasure that I can change out for every season.   I bought this at the Portland Flower Market a couple years ago when I went to a flower show.
Also another one of those things I passed up the first go around and went back for. LOL  and still again, never regretted the purchase.  This is his 2nd year on the porch and he get's a new look for every season :)

So that's the porch.  :)   It makes me SO happy every time I look at it. :) 
I'm Working on some other fun things for inside the house that I can't wait to share.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Raspberry Lemonade Cake in a Jar

I love, love, love ANYTHING in a canning jar!  There is just something about canning jars that feels homey and nostalgic.  Don'tcha think? 
When I started seeing the "Cakes in a Jar" and "Pies in a Jar" a while back, I knew I would be making some!
I finally got around to trying it for my Daughters 21's birthday party and it was so simple and fun!  I absolutely love the presentation! 

Here's a little tutorial for ya:  
I used the recipe for her favorite cake, Raspberry Lemonade Cake.  You can find that recipe Here
We LOVE this cake!  
I didn't make any changes to the recipe other than baking it in the jars, so here we go :) 

I used wide mouth 1/2 pint canning jars.  They seemed a better choice for a serving size of cake than the bigger pint jars.  
 I sprayed the inside with  a little cooking spray and filled them a little over half full.  Bake at 350 for about 22 minutes.  Test with a toothpick to be sure. 

Here they are all baked up.  Looking good! 

Poke your holes and spoon your Pink Lemonade/Jello mixture over the top....  mmmmmmm   Be sure to use  a toothpick and pull the cake away from the edges a little to make sure some of your jello mixture seeps down the sides.  Having it in the jars lets you see all the ooey gooey goodness.

Let cool completely and then use your favorite frosting.
I'm not really a fan of super sugary, whipped fat frostings, LOL... so I like to take an 8oz block of LIGHT cream cheese, softened,  a tub of LIGHT cool whip and a few tablespoons (to taste) of powdered sugar and make a little lighter frosting.  Now, Whip it...I say Whip it....Whip it good! (and sing that song the rest of the day :) )   Add a little dollop to the top of each cake and top with some lemon zest.  You could add some fresh raspberries, too, but I forgot them.   Walla!

Beautiful Raspberry Lemonade Cake in a jar :)  

Again, I definitely plan to make more of these using some of my other favorite cake recipes.... I'm thinking Caramel Apple Cake for fall..... mmmmmmmmm!

Thanks for joining me today!