Sunday, April 10, 2011

My very first "Craft Day" post

Hi everyone!  Thanks for stopping by to visit my brand new blog!  I'm SO excited to share, but I still have SO much to learn!!  like how to hide those little tool thingies on the side of my blog... (If anyone has any great links they'd like to share for designing your blog... I'd love the help!)

I've been trying to make more "Craft Days" for myself these days... Staying home and playing in my craft room makes me so happy!  You'll find that my craft habits vary constantly... I love to do everything!  So brace yourself for complete Randomness!  LOL  You never know what you will find the next time you stop by... could be a sewing project, a Cricut project, a decorated cake, a planting project.... Anything that catches my attention that particular week :)  I'm sure there are some of you out there nodding your head in sincere understanding!! LOL

For my first post, I'm sharing some picture of my most recent  projects that I've been working on for my "Door Shelf" in my front entry way.  I love love love my door shelf!  and I love to decorate it up for every season.
My Sweet little "Bee Guy" is a pattern I purchased online from Patti's Ratties.  She has the cutest patterns!
 I "Primmed" him up after I finished him... now I'm kind of wishing that I hadn't... So I might make another one.
Next are my "Spring Blocks".  I cut 2x4's into various sizes and then stained them and cut pretty patterned paper from my stash to fit.  I then used my Gypsy and Cricut to size and cut my letters.  I used Lyrical Letters and the umbrella cut is from Create a Critter. (I think!)  I also made my own paper flowers from different cuts.    I think they turned out pretty cute, eh?   For Summer, I think I'll just turn them around and decorate the other side! 
Last but not least is my "Bowl"... for lack of a better word.  LOL
I made this a while back from an old light fixture and a glass candle holder.  I glued it together with E6000 and now I have a Fancy Schmancy little bowl to fill up with all kinds of seasonal goodies :) Pretty cute, eh?
I made the flowers by using a Cricut cut for a pattern... sewed em up, stuffed em and finished them off with a button in the center.  The little Bee is made from a pattern I purchased from "Olde Annie Primitives".  The little Carrot bunnies in the back were made by a friend and that pattern can also be purchased from Patties Ratties.

So there you have it... my very first share on my brand new blog :)
I hope you like it!    If so, PLEASE leave a comment for me so I know people are actually reading this :) And... it will keep me enabled to post! :)

Thanks for looking and letting me share!
until next time!


  1. Kimber, Congrats on your new blog!! I think I'm the first follower! I love your block project and I look forward to seeing more! I too have a special shelf made of barn wood that I love decorating for the seasons. I also have a blog and would love for you to visit!

  2. I recognize that light fixture. I turned mine into a bird bath. Love your blog! Stephanie

  3. Very nice blog. You're braver than I am. I have been contemplating starting one for quite awhile, but it looks like it's kind of hard to do. How long did it take you to do yours and did you have any help with it?

    I really like your "door shelf" and that you can change it out for the seasons. Keep up the great work.

  4. Thanks Ladies for leaving a comment :)
    Sherri, It really isn't that difficult to create the blog... just took some time. Go to Blogger and create your name and go from there. You don't have to go "live" with it right away, so you can take your time and play around until you get it. I still have LOTS to learn, but getting started was half the battle :)
    Thanks again for leaving the comments!

  5. Great job Kim,

    I was nodding along as well. Your blog is very nice. The wooden blocks are very cute. I'm just starting to design a blog as well. Congrats!!


  6. First of all, Congrats on the new blog! It looks great! Second, ive been wanting to do some blocks FOREVER but just havent had the courage. I dont really have any fonts that I love enough to look at everyday...But I'm going to try it! Today!! You helped me decide! haha so thanks!