Friday, October 18, 2013

Spooky "Spirits"

Hi Friends!  
So....I don't know about you, but for every season and/or Holiday, there are 2 "Must Haves"  for this 40 something kid at heart....  a cute coffee mug and a cute wine glass!   :)  There is just something about drinking my morning coffee from a seasonal coffee mug and having a glass of wine from a fun glass that makes me happy!   LOL...  I made myself a fun wine glass for summer time, and I have some beautiful Christmas wine glasses that I bring out every year, but I didn't have a cute wine glass for Halloween.....  Silhouette to the rescue!!  :)    Let's take a look!
 This was my first one!   I kinda lifted this idea from a pinterest post I came across.. of course I always change things up a bit to make it my own.. I don't like to be a TOTAL copycat... but ya know... sometimes you just need a little looky loo to get your brain goin'.   I loved it... but something just didn't seem quite right... I think it just wasn't "bright" enough.... so although happy... I wasn't totally satisfied.

I thought about it for a day or so... and when I say "I thought about it" what I really mean is that I obsessed  about it nonstop until I finally came up with a new idea!  LOL... (Oh, Come on... I know I'm not the ONLY one out there like that!   :)   )     Anyhoo...  one night I  had posted some of my Halloween decor on my facebook page and one of my friends called me a "Crafty Witch".    I " LOL'd"  and told her "Yes, I'd been gettin my Witch on all day"  and  POW! it hit me!   I sprinted  came up to my craft room and got right to work... and this is what I came up with  :)

 At first I thought I'd do "Getting My Witch On"... but then I came up with this  Feelin Witchy and I was happy :)   So happy in fact, that I had to try it out :)

This isn't the greatest picture, but the back says "Good Witch"  "Bad Witch".  I was feeling a little in between :)   

And because NO wine glass is complete without a  cute charm or two.. These are some charms I bought at a craft fair last year.  Love them!   

So this is how I'll enjoy a little Halloween "Spirits"    

Happy Hauntings!  


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Halloween Countdown Board

Good Morning, Friends!    Today  is a really quick post to share this SO SUPER CUTE Halloween countdown board I made for my front porch.  :)    I told ya I was on a crafty roll this last weekend!

 I used my Silhouette Cameo and a cut file that was shared in Silhouette group I belong to, and then changed it up to make it my own by using other cute cuts I own.
I will tell you that there is a similar file for purchase on Etsy if you're interested in creating one of your own.  :)

 The board is 12x23" and I just LOVE it!!!   I opted to just "lean" mine against my twiggy porch basket rather than hang it up.  I really love the look right now of the subway art boards just sitting against something on my porch. :)   I'm gonna have a hard time putting this away after Halloween,  LOL , which means I will soon be busy making another "Fall/Thanksgiving" piece to replace this one.

Unfortunately, I didn't take any project pictures, but if you have any questions I'd be happy to share how it was made.  

Have a Happy Tuesday :)   


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Porch

Hi Friends!   So, I have been on a decorating/crafting frenzy this weekend!!   I had a 4 day weekend with NOTHING else going on for a change and I've been gettin my craft on, BIG TIME :)

I'll start with my porch :)   I love, love, love!! decorating my front porch for the seasons, but one of the (FEW) downfalls of living in the country on a back road is that we don't have any drive by's that get to see it.  So, I share a lot on facebook and now on my blog again.   :)

  Welcome to my Home! 

Here's my front porch in all it's Halloween decor  :)  My last post showed my Halloween Tree and how I used it last year.  This year I chose to place it by the front door with just lights and a few ornaments.  I  used the rest of my ornaments on a smaller tree for my mantle.  I kinda like the way it looks here.... simple and and just a little spooky :)  it sure looks pretty at night! 

My Barn Door...**Sigh**  Love it!   If you've read my previous posts from a couple of years ago, you'll remember that I found this barn door at a thrift store in Montana and I just HAD to have it...  (much to my husbands dismay)we hauled it all the way home and it sat in my garage under heavy protection for a good 3 years before I finally decided what I wanted to do with it :)   It has graced my front porch for 2 years now and I'm still madly in love with it :)  

A close up of the "window" box my hubby made for it.  It's fun to change this up for the seasons too!  

I already posted a picture of my little red wagon, but hey.. we can see it again, right :) 

Here's a picture from a little further back... and  before I added my Halloween Countdown board.   (That's another post!)  :)  

This is the North side of the house.  You see side from the road and as you're coming up the driveway.  I love the window boxes, but this time of year the flowers from summer have faded... I didn't really want to buy mums for it this year, so I opted for some pretty fall leaf garlands that I already had in my stash .  See that twiggy wreath?  That was a score I found a few years ago.  It's made of alder branches and all kinds of twiggy goodness.  I LOVE it!!   I have one hanging on the garage between the garage doors as well.  A wreath just adds so much character and doesn't have to be on a door, right?  :)  

Thanks for visiting today!   I still have more crafty goodness to share, so please visit again tomorrow <3 
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!  


Saturday, October 12, 2013

My Halloween Tree

So, I will confess that these pictures are from last year.   But!!! since I took all the pictures with intentions of blogging about it then, I'll share it now :)   Better late than never, eh?

I had this great idea a few years ago, but like many of my "good intentions"  I never got around to it.   Finally, last year when Hubby was gone on his hunting trip, I was noodling around looking for a new project to do... and I thought, "YES!!!  Today I shall make a Halloween Tree!!"   Don't you just love it when the Universe aligns and you actually have the TIME to do something WHEN you're thinking about it?  That doesn't happen a lot for me, usually I'm thinking of a great idea when I don't have the time... and forget all about it when I do have the time.  LOL.  So this day.... the stars were in my favor!!

I started with a regular 'ol 4 ft. artificial tree. I'd had this tree for a few years and thought it would be perfect for this fun project.
   First I had to "fluff" it all up since it had been stored in a box for awhile.... then I poured myself a glass of wine, gathered up all my half empty cans of black spray paint and got to work!  

It took a LOT of pant and I had to spray pretty close to the "branches" to get good coverage.. but, as I said... I had a LOT of half empty cans of black paint.. I knew it would make Hunny super happy to get rid all those!  :)  

Some of the cans were a little "leaky" :)   Finally!!! after what seemed like 3 hours, but was more like an hour (I'm impatient like that when I want to make something!!!)   I thought it looked "good enough".  About a half hour of dry time and it was ready for some lights and decorations!  

Ta~Da!!!!!   Love, Love, Love!!!  How it turned out :)   Some Orange and Purple lights, some handmade glitter bulbs that I'd made a year or two ago, some Dollar Tree skeletons, some half price decorations and  FABULOUS tree topper I picked up at M's, and this baby was ready! Somebody hit the lights! 

Shriek!!!   Love!!!   

Happy Haunting!!!   

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Well,  Hello there, Long Lost Friends!..... If there's still anyone left out there that remained a follower of this blog after 2 long years.... I know!  2 years!  (but I will explain)  I've been wanting to revive my blog for quite some time... I pondered over just starting a new one or reviving this one, and after checking into the hits, I realized that it does still get visits, so why not just bring it back to life.  So here I am!!!  :)

Now to explain my absence.....   a little over 2 years ago, my whole world crashed with some personal family issues.... I held it together for a few months, and then in November 2011, I just broke.    For about 8 months my whole life was consumed and I just didn't have the emotional energy for anything else.  It was all I could do to run my business and function, let alone find time to craft and certainly not keep up a blog.  (Maybe someday I'll talk about it, but for now we'll just keep this blog about fun, happy things. )
When things finally came back around, I just didn't know how to start again.... it had been sooooo long!!!    I logged in a couple of times to try.... but for some reason it just wouldn't come.   I'd think..."I'll think about it for a few days and try again."  but then time would slip away and before I knew it, another 3 months had gone by... and so on and so on..

But!  Here I am now!!!  and Life is once again wonderful  :)  Many things have changed in my life.  I sold my business, which means I have more time for ME!!   My crafting Mojo has returned!  My decorating Mojo is back in full obsession and I'm READY TO BLOG ABOUT IT!    Maybe it's because it's fall, my FAVORITE season for decorating!!!  ;)   I've been pulling out the Halloween decorations the last week or so and today is the day to really get to it!  I'm late!!! :)    I'll start with a couple of pics of things I've done and then (insert Arnold accent here)  "I'll be back!!"  

Here's my "Mantle", which isn't really a "Mantle" but a shelf that my wonderful Hubby and I built last spring to go over the French Doors.  I love how it turned out and couldn't wait to decorate it with all my Halloween Goodies!!!   It's was really  hard to get a good picture since all I had available at the time was my cell phone and the lighting was just horrible.   I think I may make some changes now that I see the pic... I'll post if I do :)   
Here are my Halloween "Funkins" that I decorated.  Yes, I see that I dotted the "n" in our name instead of the "i",  LOL.... I fixed it but haven't taken a new pic yet.  The decals are cut with my Silhouette Cameo and glitter vinyl.   I love how they turned out! 

Thanks for hangin' with me, if you're still here.  <3  I'll be back later with a fun new Halloween Porch!