Monday, August 29, 2011

Our Pink Lemonade Party

I can hardly believe that my beautiful baby girl turns 21 today! The old Cliche' about how time flies is so true. We are sooooo proud of her and the young woman that she's become.
We had a small family get together Yesterday to celebrate her Big Day and I wanted to make it extra special even though it was mostly just family. Her favorite cake is a Raspberry Lemonade cake, so I decided to try and work around a "Pink Lemonade" idea with a "Coctail" theme.

I absolutely LOVE the "Cake in a Jar" idea. The presentation is soooo fun and it's really pretty easy. (I'll post the recipe and instructions in another post)

This is her Birthday Banner. I used my cricut and the Elegant Edges cartridge. Love love love this cart! If you need or want the deets on the cuts, just email me and I'll be glad to share :)

Her Birthday Table all decorated up... Sorry for the bad lighting, but with the windows behind the table it makes it really hard to get a good picture (since I definitely need to learn some photography skills :)

Her special Birthday Badge. Again, I used my cricut and the elegant edges cart. If you want the deets, just let me know :)

And This is my Beautiful Birthday Girl.

My Beautiful Baby Girl and I :) I still can't believe that she's all grown up... I was just a few months older than her when we brought this sweet little bundle home. :) Now, I'm throwing Pink Lemonade Cocktail Parties for her!

Thanks for visiting! I'll be posting the recipe for the Pink Lemonade Cake in a jar soon!


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Barn Door Reveal

Well, I finally made a decision about my "Barn Door".  
Thank You so much  for all the your wonderful opinions, comments and emails from my "Opinions" post Here
I did decide I will keep it by the front door.  I had my hubby help me set it up "temporarily", so I could decorate it and leave it for a while to see if I liked it... well, I LOVE it there!  Every time I walk up on the front porch and see it, it just makes me  happy.
We figured out a way to secure it without attaching it to the house... so if I decide later that I'm tired of it and want to put it somewhere else, then it won't be a problem to move it :)  But for now.... I Just LOVE IT!  right
 where it is! 

The "Welcome" was cut using my Cricut.   (It's currently just paper.... I need to get some more black vinyl.)  I'm thinking that it needs something else on either side, but I cant decide what.  Any ideas?

I made these little boxes a few years ago from some OLD barn wood that I brought back from Montana.  I originally had other plans for them.... That project hasn't materialized yet, so I decided that one of them would work perfect as a little "Planter Box" on the door.  :)  These two little begonias are just perfect for now :)

 This little red wagon filled with Bacopa, and  this cute little lantern finish off the look perfectly for the late summer decor.   

I can already envision how it's going to look decorated for the different seasons and Holidays.  I can't wait!!!
Banners across the opening,  Christmas Greens and ornaments in the planter box......  

Ta Da!!!!    What do you think?  :) 
I love your comments, so let me know what YOU think :)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

New Craft Room Reveal **Picture Heavy**

FINALLY!!  I'm getting put back together!  This moving process has been a very, very, long, drawn out ordeal, LOL.  3 long weeks we've been working on this!
I don't know if I mentioned before, but we were also in the process of moving my Florist Shop to a home based business... which is part of the reason for switching rooms.  I needed office space as well as crafting space.  Anyhoosh... the moves are now complete. Things are mostly organized (althought I still have a LOT of store furniture and fixtures to deal with)  I'm exhausted and SOOOoo ready to do something fun and crafty in my new space :)
Soooooo, Whatcha think?
This is the view when you walk in the door looking to the right. This is my paper crafting area.  It's pretty roomy behind the table and I I placed some of my storage underneath the table utilize that space.
I plan to make a skirt for the back side of the table to hide the stuff underneath on this side.  It has all my design books and catalogs on a shelf underneath..   Great way to use the space but I think it looks cluttered.

This is the view looking straight when you enter the room.  

This is my Sewing area.  I had this hutch in my flower shop and it held some of my gift ware....
It now holds my fabric and is a great way to display some other favorite things.  I also use the drawers and belly drawers to hold craft patterns and other odds and ends.    I got the idea for using it to hold my fabric from some other craft room ideas out there in Blog Land.  I absolutely LOVE it!!

 I like having my sewing area on the back of this wide area of table.  It works great as my cutting table. 
Here are a few more pictures of views going around the room.
 This is a view of the "office" area of the room.  I had to give up my big desk for this smaller bedroom desk..... I'm going to have to learn to work tidier!  LOL
 I still have lots to do!  I've purchased bright, happy Yellow and Red fabric to make valances for the windows, I'd like to make a table skirt for the outside of craft table to hide that side.  I have all my design books stored under there and although they fit well, I think it makes it look too cluttered.
I also still have some vinyl work that I'd like to do on the blank walls... but that will all come in good time.  Right now, I'm just happy to be moved and put back together !
Thanks for letting me share and I'd LOVE your comments!  Let me know if you have any great storage ideas!