Sunday, June 26, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Salad~ YUMM-O!!

Wow!  I managed to get two posts done in a week!  Yay Me!

Today's post isn't a "Crafty Day" post... but who doesn't love a fast, yummy dinner idea? 
Here is a wonderful Salad idea I found online.  What a great recipe for a "Too Hot To Cook"  night, eh?  It was SOOOOOO good!   

Here's my take on the recipe:  Start with all your fixin's:
I used Frozen Chicken Breasts (because I had them) a package of buffalo wings sauce, feta Cheese (because the Blue Cheese at the grocery store in MY little town was nearly $6!!)  And all your regular green salad favorites.

I boiled the chicken to thaw it and partially cook it... then I cut it into chunks, added the wing sauce and about 3/4  cup of water.  Let Chicken simmer in the wing sauce mixture until fully cooked and all liquid evaporates.
Oh My Gosh... this is looking so tasty already!!  The Chicken absorbs all that spicy yummy sauce!!

In the meantime... while your chicken finishes cooking :
Make a nice, yummy, choc full of all your favorite fixin's salad.  Mine was:
Chopped Romaine Lettuce
Chopped Tomatoes
Chopped Cucumbers
Chopped Green Onions
Small amount of Shredded Cheddar Cheees
Feta or Blue Cheese to taste

Spread your salad on a plate: Sprinkle with your cheeses,  Add your "sauced up" chicken,  top with your favorite dressings,  and Ohhhhhh My GOODness!  This salad was amazing!
 I need to take the date stamp off my camera!  LOL   Yes!  I had this 2 nights in a row!  It was THAT good!!!  It's guilt free, too!  If you use light dressings.... everything else is pretty low in calories and fats so I think this is now going to be one of my Summer Time "Go To" dinners!  :)    ENJOY! 

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Graduation gifts

Hi All... welcome back!
I promised (like 2 weeks ago, already, Jeesh!) that I had some graduation projects that I'd been working on.
Time get's away from me so quickly!   I've had a gazillion things going on at the shop so it's kept me tied up :)

Here are a couple of fun and easy projects I made for Graduation gifts.  I love how they turned out.. So simple, useful, practical, yet fun for the kids.
 I know, I know... time to take down the "Spring" decor!!  I haven't had time!!!  LOL
These are just simple Wipe boards that I picked up at Wal Mart.  I used my Cricut to cut the vinyl lettering and adhere tot he board.  It really is a simple project.  The hard part was just trying to figure out what to put on the boards :) 
I thought I had pictures of a couple more that I  made with girl's names and flowers on them.... but I can't find the pictures on my camera...... STRANGE!  because I was CERTAIN that I took pictures!  If/when I find them I will post them.    I used a couple of different carts here... "Stamping" for the Take Note board, and I believe I got the word princess from the Car Decals cart.  I used Alphalicious to create the "Quite a lot" phrase and welded the letters together on my Gypsy.   I thought they turned out cute!
The Girls' name boards are even cuter because I used pink and black vinyl, layered... they were so cute!!!

Have a Great Day, everyone!
Thanks for visiting!  Now I'm off to deliver a wedding.. and some party flowers!  Busy Saturday!
See you soon!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Summer Planting

Well, we're rounding out the final days of our crazy Graduation week.... I can't believe that my "baby" graduates this afternoon....**Sniff Sniff**   I also can't believe that I'm up at 4 AM when I have an all night grad party to chaperone tonight!   YIKES!   I guess my head is just spinning with everything going on.
I have a wedding that I'm trying to prepare for, Graduation, Grad Night party... etc etc...

Last weekend was our big graduation party for Chase.  We had a FANTABULOUS party!  And of course.... the camera was dead for part of the time... and by the time I got it charged again the pretty food table was a mess.!!  LOL   So no fun pictures of that... but here is a fun project that I worked on earlier that week.  

I've seen this project several times out there in blog land... I fell in love with it! and knew I had to make one for my front porch area.  I still need to decorate it, but I can't decide what I want to put on it.. "Welcome", "Kinion's"  (our last name)... ????  House numbers don't really seem necessary since we live in the country and no one would see it... I'll have to think about it.    But..... I  Love~ Love~ Love how it turned out!  

So, I had every intention of taking all the "before and after" pictures... but I got a little ahead of myself and started working before I remembered to take the pics~
So here's the gist:  
I started with 3 terra cotta pots... in this case 12, 10, and 8 inches, but of course you could use whatever sizes you want.  The "missing" pictures are that I started by covering the all the pots, inside and out, with Modge Podge and let them dry thoroughly overnight.   Next I spray painted the pots with Krylon paint.. took about 4 coats.. pretty pretty!** Make sure you get inside the rim so it looks finished after you add the soil**
After the paint was completely dry I added another coat of Modge Podge to the outside: 
And... but of course.... after it was all dry I couldn't wait to plant it... so I forgot to take pictures until I was elbow deep in potting soil!  LOL... but here's what I did: 
I used some smaller terra cotta pots that I had stashed behind the garage and inverted them inside the large and medium pots so that I could "Stack" them.  I stuck a dowel down through the holes in the pots to secure them.... I was going to use blocks of wood for my "stackers" ... but that required that I drill holes in the blocks and I was too lazy :)
I then planted them with Bacopa on the bottom,  Alyssum in the middle and  topped it off with two Geraniums and some tall grass:  Thriller, filler, spiller is the recipe for planting dish gardens.  :)

 So here's our finished project again :) .   When I figure out what to put on it... I'll share another picture! 

apparently there is a difference in the "Matt" and "Glossy" finishes??? I used the "Matt" finish and it turned white when I sprayed the finished planter with water to clean it off!  It didn't run or take the finish off, but it still turned white like wet glue again.   I'll have to go back when I have time and spray it with Krylon clear acrylic finish.

And just for fun... because SPRING has finally arrived here in Oregon.. even though it's really only a week away from SUMMER!  Here is a picture of how "Spring" looks at our house... everything still that gorgeous shade of green... Golden Chain tree in full bloom... :)  Makes me happy!

I'm hoping that since things are winding down with Graduation and sports, I'll be able to post more regularly now.  
I do have 2 cute projects that I made for the Grad Nite gifts that I'll post in the next day or two :)
See you then!
Thanks again for visiting!