Thursday, October 10, 2013


Well,  Hello there, Long Lost Friends!..... If there's still anyone left out there that remained a follower of this blog after 2 long years.... I know!  2 years!  (but I will explain)  I've been wanting to revive my blog for quite some time... I pondered over just starting a new one or reviving this one, and after checking into the hits, I realized that it does still get visits, so why not just bring it back to life.  So here I am!!!  :)

Now to explain my absence.....   a little over 2 years ago, my whole world crashed with some personal family issues.... I held it together for a few months, and then in November 2011, I just broke.    For about 8 months my whole life was consumed and I just didn't have the emotional energy for anything else.  It was all I could do to run my business and function, let alone find time to craft and certainly not keep up a blog.  (Maybe someday I'll talk about it, but for now we'll just keep this blog about fun, happy things. )
When things finally came back around, I just didn't know how to start again.... it had been sooooo long!!!    I logged in a couple of times to try.... but for some reason it just wouldn't come.   I'd think..."I'll think about it for a few days and try again."  but then time would slip away and before I knew it, another 3 months had gone by... and so on and so on..

But!  Here I am now!!!  and Life is once again wonderful  :)  Many things have changed in my life.  I sold my business, which means I have more time for ME!!   My crafting Mojo has returned!  My decorating Mojo is back in full obsession and I'm READY TO BLOG ABOUT IT!    Maybe it's because it's fall, my FAVORITE season for decorating!!!  ;)   I've been pulling out the Halloween decorations the last week or so and today is the day to really get to it!  I'm late!!! :)    I'll start with a couple of pics of things I've done and then (insert Arnold accent here)  "I'll be back!!"  

Here's my "Mantle", which isn't really a "Mantle" but a shelf that my wonderful Hubby and I built last spring to go over the French Doors.  I love how it turned out and couldn't wait to decorate it with all my Halloween Goodies!!!   It's was really  hard to get a good picture since all I had available at the time was my cell phone and the lighting was just horrible.   I think I may make some changes now that I see the pic... I'll post if I do :)   
Here are my Halloween "Funkins" that I decorated.  Yes, I see that I dotted the "n" in our name instead of the "i",  LOL.... I fixed it but haven't taken a new pic yet.  The decals are cut with my Silhouette Cameo and glitter vinyl.   I love how they turned out! 

Thanks for hangin' with me, if you're still here.  <3  I'll be back later with a fun new Halloween Porch!   



  1. I happened upon your site through the Silhouette Blog. I'm a newbie Cameo owner still in the process of learning A thru Z. I loved your subway tile countdown and, of course, thees pumpkins. So much easier than carving them out! Now I will try to do something with vinyl. Glad to have found you and good luck on your return to blog world.

    1. Thanks for the sweet comment, Charolotte! I'm so happy to be back at it and love that I've had so many visitors in the last week! Welcome!! and I hope you'll be back :)