Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Porch

Hi Friends!   So, I have been on a decorating/crafting frenzy this weekend!!   I had a 4 day weekend with NOTHING else going on for a change and I've been gettin my craft on, BIG TIME :)

I'll start with my porch :)   I love, love, love!! decorating my front porch for the seasons, but one of the (FEW) downfalls of living in the country on a back road is that we don't have any drive by's that get to see it.  So, I share a lot on facebook and now on my blog again.   :)

  Welcome to my Home! 

Here's my front porch in all it's Halloween decor  :)  My last post showed my Halloween Tree and how I used it last year.  This year I chose to place it by the front door with just lights and a few ornaments.  I  used the rest of my ornaments on a smaller tree for my mantle.  I kinda like the way it looks here.... simple and and just a little spooky :)  it sure looks pretty at night! 

My Barn Door...**Sigh**  Love it!   If you've read my previous posts from a couple of years ago, you'll remember that I found this barn door at a thrift store in Montana and I just HAD to have it...  (much to my husbands dismay)we hauled it all the way home and it sat in my garage under heavy protection for a good 3 years before I finally decided what I wanted to do with it :)   It has graced my front porch for 2 years now and I'm still madly in love with it :)  

A close up of the "window" box my hubby made for it.  It's fun to change this up for the seasons too!  

I already posted a picture of my little red wagon, but hey.. we can see it again, right :) 

Here's a picture from a little further back... and  before I added my Halloween Countdown board.   (That's another post!)  :)  

This is the North side of the house.  You see side from the road and as you're coming up the driveway.  I love the window boxes, but this time of year the flowers from summer have faded... I didn't really want to buy mums for it this year, so I opted for some pretty fall leaf garlands that I already had in my stash .  See that twiggy wreath?  That was a score I found a few years ago.  It's made of alder branches and all kinds of twiggy goodness.  I LOVE it!!   I have one hanging on the garage between the garage doors as well.  A wreath just adds so much character and doesn't have to be on a door, right?  :)  

Thanks for visiting today!   I still have more crafty goodness to share, so please visit again tomorrow <3 
Have a wonderful rest of the weekend!  


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