Friday, October 18, 2013

Spooky "Spirits"

Hi Friends!  
So....I don't know about you, but for every season and/or Holiday, there are 2 "Must Haves"  for this 40 something kid at heart....  a cute coffee mug and a cute wine glass!   :)  There is just something about drinking my morning coffee from a seasonal coffee mug and having a glass of wine from a fun glass that makes me happy!   LOL...  I made myself a fun wine glass for summer time, and I have some beautiful Christmas wine glasses that I bring out every year, but I didn't have a cute wine glass for Halloween.....  Silhouette to the rescue!!  :)    Let's take a look!
 This was my first one!   I kinda lifted this idea from a pinterest post I came across.. of course I always change things up a bit to make it my own.. I don't like to be a TOTAL copycat... but ya know... sometimes you just need a little looky loo to get your brain goin'.   I loved it... but something just didn't seem quite right... I think it just wasn't "bright" enough.... so although happy... I wasn't totally satisfied.

I thought about it for a day or so... and when I say "I thought about it" what I really mean is that I obsessed  about it nonstop until I finally came up with a new idea!  LOL... (Oh, Come on... I know I'm not the ONLY one out there like that!   :)   )     Anyhoo...  one night I  had posted some of my Halloween decor on my facebook page and one of my friends called me a "Crafty Witch".    I " LOL'd"  and told her "Yes, I'd been gettin my Witch on all day"  and  POW! it hit me!   I sprinted  came up to my craft room and got right to work... and this is what I came up with  :)

 At first I thought I'd do "Getting My Witch On"... but then I came up with this  Feelin Witchy and I was happy :)   So happy in fact, that I had to try it out :)

This isn't the greatest picture, but the back says "Good Witch"  "Bad Witch".  I was feeling a little in between :)   

And because NO wine glass is complete without a  cute charm or two.. These are some charms I bought at a craft fair last year.  Love them!   

So this is how I'll enjoy a little Halloween "Spirits"    

Happy Hauntings!  


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