Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!   I can't believe that today is Halloween.  I'm so not ready for it to be over :(  As usual I just feel like I didn't have time to get to all the things I wanted to make and do ..... Oh well, put it on the list for next year :)

So yesterday I finally took some time to take pictures of the rest of my decor.  I figured I better hurry up and get it posted before it's too late!!   Lets take a tour and I hope you enjoy!

This is my Front Door.   I usually start decorating for Fall in early September... but that's way too early for Halloween.. but then who has the time to keep changing out the decorations for Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving...Not I!!!  LOL  So I will  typically try to incorporate my Halloween Decor into what I've already put out.   For my door pocket, I just added a few spooky pics that I picked up at Michaels on clearance last year.  Look at those fun hangy spider things!  I love them!!!

For my Barn Door, I took down the little Scarecrow Pot and put up this spooky cage and crow.. I replaced the vinyl "Welcome" with "Beware"... (that's easy to change out)   I also added a few scary pumpkins to the planter....So now we have a "Spooky Fall" look :)

For my Little Red Wagon:  the Mums and the Bacopa were reaching their end... which is just perfect :)  I added a tombstone and this creepy little skeleton guy..... and I think it looks great :) 

Here's a full view of the Barn Door :)  Still my most favorite treasure :)

I wasn't going to post this picture....LOL   I was trying to hurry... and decided not to worry about the "Tree's" that I potted to add to the spooky forest theme on the front porch... but as I was looking at it.. I thought  "What are those spooky glowing things in the window...  Well, if click on the picture to make it bigger and you look closely, it's my little Chloe girl :)   she's watching me out the window like... "mama can I please come outside... I promise I'll stay out of the pictures."   Love my girly dogs :)

The following pictures are of some interior decor:

This is right as you enter the foyer on a little shelf going up the stairs.  I made this "Boo" out of muslum. It's coffee stained and cinnamon soaked.. it's sooo much cuter in person!  The bats are black vinyl cut from Happy Hauntings and the Jar I will show you a little later... nearly impossible to get a good picture!!!
Entering the Hallway..... a creepy "picture" created with Happy Hauntings.
This is Brand New... hung just a couple of days before the party so it's not very decorated... LOL   An old window that I bought  and a shelf that I plan to paint white and distress... it will become my "Mantle" since I don't have one :)   It hangs above the couch.

a close up of the window... I love it !!!!

This hangs by my kitchen table.  I just cut a piece of tagboard from the dollar tree to fit inside the frame.. then created the "Picture" with Happy Hauntings.  I actually made this last year but I still love it and used it again this year... a fun, easy way to change out the pictures in your home for a spooky Halloween look.
A few more altered pictures:  so easy to do.  These hang in the hallway.

Now for the candle Jars.  These are nearly impossible to get a good picture of!  The glare from the Modge Podge is crazy!   These I made last year.. they are just regular ol jars that I covered in modge podge, rolled in coffee and cinnamon, placed a printed Halloween picture on and turned them into spooky lanterns.  They really are sooooo cute!  and give off this creepy "old" glow.  :)

So I think that's all for today! 
Thanks for visiting and I better get my booty in gear.  I have a very busy day in the Flower Shop!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!


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  1. A girl after my own heart - I LOVE the decorations! Interesting combo of coffee grounds and cinnamon for the creepy effects - I like it.