Saturday, July 2, 2011

Opinions, Please... pretty please :)

I love old stuff! 
Since I was a little girl, I've always been intrigued by "old" things.  There is something about finding an old treasure.... and wondering "Where have you been?, What's your history?"
We once lived in an old old farmhouse for a few years when we first moved to Oregon. It had an old shed out back that had many old treasures in it; tools, crocks, etc.  I can't really remember all of the things in there, but if my memory serves me right, I believe it even had an old pot bellied wood stove out there.. or some sort of stove.   I'm sure it was a workshop of some sort... but I turned it into my playhouse :)  I loved pretending it was a cabin like Laura Ingles lived in!  :) ... ahhhh memories :)
Anyhoosh... I still adore old things.. Problem is, I never seem to have a solid clear vision of what I'm going to do with them when I find them!  (Much to the dismay of my Hunny!)   
I have my own little corner of the garage with my "Stuff"... old windows, old shutters, you know, TREASURES!  I always tell him that "Some Day" when I have time... I'm going to do something with them!  :)  Today!  I have time.

I found this old door on a trip to Montana to visit my grandparents several years ago.  I just HAD to have it!! (among other things... but we don't need to go into that right now :)   Hunny just sighs, knowing it might be YEARS before I get around to doing anything with my "Stuff".  ( Hey... I've been busy raising kids, working and running my booty off for sporting events..  it's hard to get around to thing.. ya know :)
So for the last few years I've been trying to decide WHAT I wanted to do with it.. Then yesterday, I seen it~!
I was driving through a neighborhood where someone had atatched an old barn door to the side of their front door...making it look as though it was an open and thus exposing the front door (picture an open screen door)   it was ADORABLE!  Wish I wold have taken a picture!   They had it decorated with a wreath.  So cute~!
Anyhoosh.. it got my wheels turning.. I got MY old door out  today and started experimenting... Hunny said OK!  Yayyyyyy (he doesn't always see my "visions"  :) 
So help me decide:  Where do YOU think it looks best? 

Front Porch:.... I love it... but I don't... does it look funny because the front door is "fancy"?  

By the Arbor?   Which side? 

This is on the side of the house.  I like it here... but it would only be seen if someone visited the side yard. 
I just can't make a decision!   I'd love your opinions!  
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  1. Awesome!!!! I love this!!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your awesome project on the T.G.I.F. Linky Party at Craft Junkie Too. I hope you come back next week to share more crafty projects.


  2. I think it looks really cute by the arbor!

  3. Thanks, Carrie! I think I'm leaning towards the arbor, too! :)


  5. I think that door is 1 in a million! I would leave it right there on your front porch where you have it! Beautiful! Love it, love it, love it!
    Susan @

  6. Hi Kim! Not sure how I got to your blog, but I have to say, I like the old door up on your front porch by your "fancy" front door.

    I love your house and all the Oregon GREEN surrounding it! I grew up in Oregon, but have been away for a long time. I miss the green!

  7. I Love your door, it looks great on the porch by the door! I am now going to have to be on the hunt for a new ( old door) treasure! Can't wait to see the finished project all decorated up. I am now a follower!

  8. I like them all, but the one on the front porch is my favorite!

  9. my vote is the front door. Love the look and what a cute home!!!
    following you now

  10. definitely not on the front door... "why do you have two front doors? what?"
    the arbor isn't bad, but go for the side yard. it fits visually there and can be an element of happy surprise :)