Sunday, June 26, 2011

Buffalo Chicken Salad~ YUMM-O!!

Wow!  I managed to get two posts done in a week!  Yay Me!

Today's post isn't a "Crafty Day" post... but who doesn't love a fast, yummy dinner idea? 
Here is a wonderful Salad idea I found online.  What a great recipe for a "Too Hot To Cook"  night, eh?  It was SOOOOOO good!   

Here's my take on the recipe:  Start with all your fixin's:
I used Frozen Chicken Breasts (because I had them) a package of buffalo wings sauce, feta Cheese (because the Blue Cheese at the grocery store in MY little town was nearly $6!!)  And all your regular green salad favorites.

I boiled the chicken to thaw it and partially cook it... then I cut it into chunks, added the wing sauce and about 3/4  cup of water.  Let Chicken simmer in the wing sauce mixture until fully cooked and all liquid evaporates.
Oh My Gosh... this is looking so tasty already!!  The Chicken absorbs all that spicy yummy sauce!!

In the meantime... while your chicken finishes cooking :
Make a nice, yummy, choc full of all your favorite fixin's salad.  Mine was:
Chopped Romaine Lettuce
Chopped Tomatoes
Chopped Cucumbers
Chopped Green Onions
Small amount of Shredded Cheddar Cheees
Feta or Blue Cheese to taste

Spread your salad on a plate: Sprinkle with your cheeses,  Add your "sauced up" chicken,  top with your favorite dressings,  and Ohhhhhh My GOODness!  This salad was amazing!
 I need to take the date stamp off my camera!  LOL   Yes!  I had this 2 nights in a row!  It was THAT good!!!  It's guilt free, too!  If you use light dressings.... everything else is pretty low in calories and fats so I think this is now going to be one of my Summer Time "Go To" dinners!  :)    ENJOY! 

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