Tuesday, July 12, 2011


That's how I'm feeling, LOL... I'm in the process of moving my craft space from one room to another.  WHO KNEW there was sooooo much stuff in there!!
I thought I had a pretty organized space... Everything had a place... and most things were in their place.  Although, I do have to say that every single nook, cranny, drawer and corner and even the closet was FULL!!!  so moving it has turned into a much bigger chore than I thought...  Here is a peak at my "Old" space. 

My youngest kiddo leaves for college this fall. When his sister and brother left a few years back, he took over the "play room" as his bedroom... it's a large room that was the kids' tv/playroom.  It was much, much too big for a teenage boy to use for a room... and it doesn't have a closet, so needless to say it was a hazard zone 99% of the time....   I've spared you pictures of THAT.... you'll have to use your imagination!!  :)

Now, I'm takin' it back!    I will be moving my business home in a few weeks and I'll need more space for my "office".  Plus,  I have some really cool hutches in my shop that I'm bringin'  home!  I can't wait!  I've got big plans for them!!
 Soooooo we went from THAT organized space above, to this: 

We each had to move our little "stuff" to a staging area in another room while we swapped the big things:  Bed, craft table, sewing table, etc....  It is an absolute MESS!  I can't wait to be through with this! 
And This: 
 He left behind a LOT of his clothes and blankets and "stuff" on the couches ..... MESS! MESS! MESS!!!!
I sincerely thought we could have this done in a day..... NOT!

So stay tuned for a new and updated craft space in the next couple of weeks!  
I'm sooooo excited to decorate my new space!  :)

Thanks for lookin!   And I'll be back soon with updates. 


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