Thursday, October 20, 2011

Spooky Candles

Hi everyone, thanks for joining me today for another Craft Day project.  You're going to LOVE this one!  :)
It's an AMAZING craft project that turned out so stinkin cute!  I can hardly believe how a few simple items... (some of it trash!) Can be transformed into something so cool!  Prepare to be amazed :)

So, the other day I ended myWitch's Spell Book post with this picture~ 
And asked you~ "What could you make with with this stuff???" 

Well, can you believe... that a few Empty Toilet Paper Rolls,  Hot Glue , Black paint, White Ink and a flickering tea light can be transformed into.......

 I KNOW, Right!!!  ~ Seriously!  Toilet paper rolls and Hot Glue!  Can you believe it?  

I found the tutorial "Here" several weeks ago and I knew I had to give this a try...  She has some wonderfully creative variations and examples on her sight!  What a very talented lady!! I couldn't believe is how super easy it was to make these.  :) 
Here is my own tutorial for ya.

First, tape up the bottoms of your toilet paper/paper towel rolls and add something to help weigh them down.  I used a few decorative stones from a bag I bought at the Dollar Tree.   I also cut my TP rolls down so that they were staggering heights.
Next, use  masking tape to make a little indention for the tealight to sit down inside the roll.   Now comes the fun part!!! 

 Take your hot glue and just squeeze out your drips..  You can do a few drips... a lot of drips... double drips...long drips, short drips... you're in charge.  :)  Have fun.. I did them all different.  Just be sure and let one layer dry  before you go back and do a layer over the top.   I made 6 candles and I think I used 5 or 6 shorty glue sticks.
Next (when the glue has completely set and hardened) I used black acrylic paint and painted the entire "candle" black... Use your brush to get into all the little crevices.  It did take 2 coats.   You could probably use black spray paint and it would work fine, too.  (By the way... the Craft Mat I use.... MUST HAVE!  they are so handy and NOTHING sticks to them!)

When the black paint had dried, I took a very soft brush and lightly brushed over the drips.  This gives it that aged and creepy look.
 After the ink had dried I sprayed it with glitter spray hoping that they will shimmer in the candlelight for my Halloween Party.    Now pop in your tealight and, Ta Da!  some really spooky candles :)

I am SO thrilled with how they turned out :) and can't wait to use them in a fun Halloween setting on my table :)   I'll be sharing pictures of that next week when I start really decorating for the party.

That's all for today.  Thanks for visiting!



  1. Too cute! What a great idea. I am your newest follower!

  2. Thank you, Renee! And welcome aboard as a follower :)


  3. Those look amazing...what a creative idea! I thought they were candles! I hope you will link up with me here:

  4. Thank you, April! I'd love to link up to your party. Heading there now, Thanks for the invite :)


  5. Your candles look just too cool, well done! I've got this linked to my candles post today, come on over and take a peek!