Monday, October 10, 2011

More Halloween Fun~

 I've been working on getting the rest of my Halloween decorations out and getting the house ready for our Halloween Party!  Eeeekkk  only 18 more days!  I can't wait.!!
Today I worked on decorating my door shelf.  I love my door shelf... have I said that before?  :)
I think I'll break the decorations up into a few fun posts rather than one long one... it's more fun that way :)
So for today.......

This~ is the "Ghostly" version of Live Laugh Love.... :)  I saw this saying on a sign at a craft fair years and years ago and thought it was the cutest thing!   Cricut and Happy Hauntings to the rescue and I now Have my own... but I think it needs a frame... put that on the list :)  ~
Movin on..... 

And This~  is some good old fashioned "Spider Cider".....  it tastes suspiciously like Root Beer :)
Wish I was better at taking pictures!  Its so much cuter in person.  You can "Brew" some of this up for all your favorite goblins this year
  Here they are with a cute paper cone filled with Halloween treats. So cute!!    They would make great favors for a kids' Halloween party.. don'tcha think? 

So that's all for today... tomorrow... the Spell Book.. Ohhhhh you're gonna love that one. :) ( I love love love it and it was so fun and easy to make.)  

Thanks for visiting!    See ya tomorrow!



  1. These are super cute Halloween decorating ideas! I keep meaning to put our stuff up, but then never get around to it by the day's end. I love your "brew" labels! Adorable. Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Just perfect! I think this is the best witches corner I've ever seen. Love the whole idea and the play on Live, Laugh, Love. Can I scraplift?

  3. Thank you, Ladies, and of course you can scraplift! :) I did! LOL
    I have been meaning to post more pictures all week!