Saturday, June 25, 2011

Graduation gifts

Hi All... welcome back!
I promised (like 2 weeks ago, already, Jeesh!) that I had some graduation projects that I'd been working on.
Time get's away from me so quickly!   I've had a gazillion things going on at the shop so it's kept me tied up :)

Here are a couple of fun and easy projects I made for Graduation gifts.  I love how they turned out.. So simple, useful, practical, yet fun for the kids.
 I know, I know... time to take down the "Spring" decor!!  I haven't had time!!!  LOL
These are just simple Wipe boards that I picked up at Wal Mart.  I used my Cricut to cut the vinyl lettering and adhere tot he board.  It really is a simple project.  The hard part was just trying to figure out what to put on the boards :) 
I thought I had pictures of a couple more that I  made with girl's names and flowers on them.... but I can't find the pictures on my camera...... STRANGE!  because I was CERTAIN that I took pictures!  If/when I find them I will post them.    I used a couple of different carts here... "Stamping" for the Take Note board, and I believe I got the word princess from the Car Decals cart.  I used Alphalicious to create the "Quite a lot" phrase and welded the letters together on my Gypsy.   I thought they turned out cute!
The Girls' name boards are even cuter because I used pink and black vinyl, layered... they were so cute!!!

Have a Great Day, everyone!
Thanks for visiting!  Now I'm off to deliver a wedding.. and some party flowers!  Busy Saturday!
See you soon!


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