Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Christmas Countdown Board

Happy Wednesday, Friends!

Wow!  November 6th!!   It's been 2 1/2 weeks since I've posted!
Getting back into blogging has proven to be a little harder than I expected.   Trying to make sure that I have something to post worth reading, (and if we're being honest, we know it's more about SEEING :) ),  is hard to do!   But I'm determined!  I will master this!  :)

After I posted all my Halloween goodies and decor, I got stuck.   Why?  Oh, I was crafting my little heart out, but it wasn't Halloween or Fall, it was Christmas!   And it just didn't seem right to post pictures of Christmas stuff in the middle of celebrating Halloween......   I had a little craft bazaar on November 2nd, so I'd spent the better part of the last 3 weeks designing and creating Christmas signs.   I think it's OK to share Christmas now, right?  :)

My first share will be my Christmas Countdown board.  I'm so excited to share it!!!   I just LOVE how this turned out :)   and I'm also so proud of myself that I actually got it done it time to use it!!!  LOL   My usual MO is that I will have all these great ideas and intentions and then not get it done in time to really enjoy it for the season it was intended.   So Yay, Me!  LOL  I was finally on the ball!

If you missed my Halloween Countdown Board, you can see it Here .   It wasn't my original idea, but I did change it up to make it my own... I loved it SO much that I decided I needed a Christmas Countdown Board, too!   So I got to work designing it... and after hours of agonizing over the wording and fonts, this is what I came up with.........
TA DA!!!!!   
I Just LOVE IT!!!    
I'm not entirely sure where I'm going to put it yet... whether it will be used outside on my porch like the Halloween Countdown, or maybe I'll find a fun place for it inside... not sure yet!  but I can't wait to display it for Christmas :)   
I used my Silhouette Cameo and different colors of outdoor vinyl.  Chalkboard vinyl for the "tags". ( I had contemplated creating real tags to hang and switch out.... and I may still do that.... but for now this will do. )  I hung real little "Jingle bells" from  a jute bow for a fun little touch, but now that I look at it again, I think they need to be a little bigger.  I'll have to take care of that later.   

Hope you love it as much as I do!   :)   

That's all for today, now this chicky needs to get ready for work!   
have a great hump day!  

Kim :)  

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  1. I think this is wonderful. May I ask how big the base is and what it's made of? I saw your Halloween one and bookmarked it, but this is something I'd really like to make. And I'm a Cameo newbie so I'd love the challenge if you don't mind me scraplifting.