Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chili with Cornmeal Pancakes

I had this interesting dinner idea come into my inbox from Betty Crocker.  I thought it sounded fun and easy and my guys LOVE Chili and Cornbread!! This afternoon was cool, overcast and very "Fall" feeling, so it was a perfect dinner choice.

I used my own chili recipe since I know that's what my family likes.  Nothing too fancy, Just 2 lbs extra lean ground beef (we raise our own beef) a large can of tomato sauce, 2 cans of Kidney Beans, and 2 Pkg's of
McCormics mild chili seasoning. Easy Peasy... but really good!

Then I got my trusty pancake griddle and my "Pancake ingredients"  and whipped up a batch of Cornmeal Pancakes.  :)
I thought the recipe for the batter seemed a little thin, so I added a bit more bisquick to thicken it up.

Here we go...... Looks like a pancake alright. 

Give em a flip~  Lookin good! 

Topped with  Chili~ added a little Sour Cream, Extra Cheese... Wa~La! Chili over Cornmeal Pancakes!

I think it turned out wonderful. My guys really loved it and said they'd DEFINITELY like this again.

I love finding new dinner ideas that don't take a lot of time, are wholesome and filling, and taste this good!

Thanks for visiting today!

Kim :)

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your chili poured over cornbread is so creative. I'll have to give it a try. I usually make them as muffins, but this looks more fun. Thanks for sharing :)