Sunday, August 21, 2011

Barn Door Reveal

Well, I finally made a decision about my "Barn Door".  
Thank You so much  for all the your wonderful opinions, comments and emails from my "Opinions" post Here
I did decide I will keep it by the front door.  I had my hubby help me set it up "temporarily", so I could decorate it and leave it for a while to see if I liked it... well, I LOVE it there!  Every time I walk up on the front porch and see it, it just makes me  happy.
We figured out a way to secure it without attaching it to the house... so if I decide later that I'm tired of it and want to put it somewhere else, then it won't be a problem to move it :)  But for now.... I Just LOVE IT!  right
 where it is! 

The "Welcome" was cut using my Cricut.   (It's currently just paper.... I need to get some more black vinyl.)  I'm thinking that it needs something else on either side, but I cant decide what.  Any ideas?

I made these little boxes a few years ago from some OLD barn wood that I brought back from Montana.  I originally had other plans for them.... That project hasn't materialized yet, so I decided that one of them would work perfect as a little "Planter Box" on the door.  :)  These two little begonias are just perfect for now :)

 This little red wagon filled with Bacopa, and  this cute little lantern finish off the look perfectly for the late summer decor.   

I can already envision how it's going to look decorated for the different seasons and Holidays.  I can't wait!!!
Banners across the opening,  Christmas Greens and ornaments in the planter box......  

Ta Da!!!!    What do you think?  :) 
I love your comments, so let me know what YOU think :)


  1. Nice Job! I can't wait to see how you decorate it for fall and Christmas.

  2. I love is so fun to use old things. Shabby Chic...awesome, thanks for sharing with us

    Hope you visit my blog. I do monthly giveaways and several are going on now and others starting soon.
    I get so much inspiration by visiting these blogs. Ladies you all have Talent.


  3. Kim I could not find your follow button to become a blog fan of yours.


  4. Hi Chris! Thank you for the sweet comment. You should be able to click on the "Follow this blog" button right above the followers. Let me know if that doesn't work and I will look into it. On my way to visit your blog now!